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The Metaphor

The use of metaphor opens possibilities for a different kind of conference. For this conference, the metaphor of 'fire' has been used. The metaphor of the fire represents the conference values and serves to capture the essence of building personal capacity.

Fire - It's all about the Energy!

The Conference and the Fire Metaphor:-

Fire is a source of life giving energy. It has served individuals and communities over time. It provides light, warmth and protection. It encourages people to gather and share stories and sustenance. These features characterise the conference. The conference is organised to serve both the conference community and the individual participants. It provides a safe place to gather and share in a warm and friendly environment. It will value the voice of others, illuminate issues and generate the energy and momentum for action.

At this conference, the volunteers will ignite your interest. The keynotes will tend the fire, and working with the conference community, keep the flames alive.

Building Personal Capacity and the Fire Metaphor:-

At this conference, the fire is building of personal capacity. Tending to the fire activates the transformational self. It takes confidence in self, creativity, inspiration and resolve. The process generates the energy to ensure students engage in deeper generative learning.

The conference campsite...

Conference participants are invited to gather together at Stuartholme to rekindle the flames, to reignite their energy, to share and explore deep knowledge about teaching and learning. Join with others to light the fire, to make meaning by sharing knowledge and actively generate the energy to make a difference.

What's your spark? Bring your flame, come, sit around the fire and share your story. You are among friends.