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Form a Learning Pod

We wish to extend an invitation to you to attend the islPAL Conference on September 25th and 26th, 2015 and learn about our Learning Pod Program and, if it is of interest to you, provide assistance to form your own pilot group. The Learning Pod Program is aimed at supporting teachers who are engaged in innovative practices in their schools and who wish to share their ideas with their colleagues to grow their innovation or teachers who wish to collaborate with others to propose an innovation.

The Program

The program has been organised so that you are able to attend “break-out sessions” specifically designed for the Learning Pod group. Individuals will be encouraged to work in a practical way identifying what is of specific interest to them in their school context and trained in a process to promote productive and satisfying collaborative gatherings. A small pilot study based upon these principles will be explored, hosted by a teacher involved in the process. At the end of the experience, it is anticipated that you will have an understanding of a process to engage with others and progress an innovation or proposal for an innovation in your school. Ideally more than one teacher from each school would attend so that a foundation for momentum could be created. As your seeds of ideas spread and the innovation creates interest, team members will increase and the learning pod take shape.

After the conference

After the conference it is our intention to maintain contact, support communication, create learning opportunities, share observations and seek the perspective of others on issues as they arise. This would be achieved electronically and on occasion, a social gathering. Requests made at the conference to provide support in terms of web pages, blogs etc. will be supported and as the Pods form and develop, islPAL will be responsive to the individual needs of each Pod.


Learning Pod Principles


Socially just, inclusive and participatory

Voluntary and invitational


Develop and support the sharing of personal pedagogy


Facilitate opportunities for team members to create what they want  to meet their own needs

Not a delivery of products.

Structured and Reflective

Admin/Structure – It’s a networking model

School based

Fortnightly gathering

Format – structured, specific and timely

Sharing of Information – learning from others.

Members rotate through designated roles and responsibilities

Working reciprocally

 Supported by islPAL through website

Focus: Learning and sharing

Issues that are a priority for the teacher.

Safe Space

Reflective Practitioners