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Christine Edwards-Groves - Workshop

Teacher Talk practices as resources for enabling a pedagogy for inclusion

Every classroom in Australia, and indeed across the world, is socially, intellectually and culturally diverse. How to meet this diversity with equitable and inclusive practices requires mindful pedagogical talk practices which are deliberate in their movements to empower all students, to enable all students to enter the learning space through their language.

It is at the level of pedagogical talk that teachers can make positive moves towards propelling all students into practices which enable them to share in their learning as fully informed contributing partners in practices which are fair and equitable. For the diversity of students, an equitable share in the talk will allow them to have a greater sense of accomplishment, participation and control of their learning (Edwards-Groves, 2002).

This workshop draws largely on the recently published PETAA publication Classroom talk: Understanding dialogue, pedagogy and practice (Edwards-Groves, Anstey & Geoff Bull, 2014). It specifically focuses on the dialogic tools or “talk moves” teachers enact in day-to-day teaching (as pedagogical resources) which shape a pedagogy for diversity which is dialogic, open and explicitly focused on student participation in learning activities with a high level of intellectual engagement. Additionally, the paper will draw on the theory of practice architectures as theoretical resources for understanding the cultural-discursive arrangements of pedagogical talk.