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Dr Christine Edwards-Groves is a Senior Lecturer (Literacy Studies) and key researcher for the Research Institute Professional Practice Learning and Education (RIPPLE) at Charles Sturt University. She has had a long career as a teacher, literacy consultant and academic working in a range of national and international settings. Her research interests include classroom interaction, literacy practices and pedagogies, teacher professional learning and practice theory. Christine is Australian co-ordinator of the international research collaboration network “Pedagogy, Education and Praxis” (PEP) involving researchers from the Netherlands, the Caribbean, the UK and Scandinavian countries. This group of researchers investigate the nature, traditions and conditions of pedagogy, education and praxis and how they are understood, developed and sustained in different national contexts and various educational settings. Her involvement in the network (both locally and internationally) contributes to a new theory of practice described as the theory of practice architectures.

Christine continues to work closely with classroom teachers in long term site-based action research projects focused on developing pedagogical practices. She has published a wide variety of texts focusing on praxis, pedagogy and professional learning. Among a range of articles, she is also co-author of two recent books: “Changing Practice, Changing Education” (Springer, 2014) with Stephen Kemmis, Jane Wilkinson, Ian Hardy, Peter Grootenboer and Laurette Bristol; and “Classroom Talk: Understanding dialogue, pedagogy and practice” (PETAA 2014) with Michele Anstey and Geoff Bull. For Christine, what matters most in education is what makes a difference to student learning, and at the centre of this are the pedagogical practices enacted by teachers.

Senior Lecturer Literacy Studies
Master of Education Course Co-ordinator
EFPI Teaching Fellow 2009
Australian co-ordinator of International Pedagogy Education and Praxis Research Network RIPPLE Research Fellow 2010,2013 School of Education, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga NSW