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International Society for Leadership in Pedagogy and Learning

Conference 2015

The power of building personal capacity – reigniting your energy, fire and mojo!

Fire – It’s all about the energy!!

This conference aims to give voice to teachers through teachers themselves, academics, researchers, community groups and all those with an interest in making meaning by sharing knowledge and collectively and actively generating the energy to make a difference. It will focus on how teachers can build their personal capacity and activate the transformational self in times of change.

Keynote Speakers

·         Brendan Spillane

            Creating Cultures of JOY and Performance

·         Christine Edwards-Groves

            Pedagogies for Participation: Opening up communicative spaces for productive    learning

·         Francois Victor Tochon

            From deep language education policy to curriculum design

·         Lindy Abawi

            Differentiate! It sounds so easy but ……


Edtech Demonstrations

·         Funetics

            English pronunciation made easy

·         Augmented Reality (AR) Posters – Research Alive!

            Learn to create a “talking poster”- with Janice Jones

·         ITC ThinkDrive

            A digital resource connecting teachers and students to powerful Thinking Tools

·         CeMeE

            Create useful assessments by tailoring them to your particular needs


Present a paper

What’s your spark? Doing some research? Want to share your pedagogy?

Make a presentation – workshop, snapshots of pedagogy, or research paper. Download the form here: