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ITC ThinkDrive

ITC ThinkDrive description for isiPAL Conference

Itc thinkdrive willbuild students’ critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills for success in school, college, career and life.

itc thinkdrive you make it easy for teachers to develop curricula, materials, and assessments that encourage higher-order thinking.

Teachers and students have their own areas so all the information is intuitively tailored to their specific needs.

itc thinkdrive’sBENEFITs
-       With itc thinkdrive, assists in improving pedagogy and implementing the Common Core Standards. School leaders, teachers, students and even parents will start using the same approach to learning and the relevant language for higher-order thinking
-       It will boost teachers’ confidence and in-school professional development support: itc thinkdrive is a fast, simple and affordable way to give teachers professional development support and resources to help implement the Common Core Standards. Teachers can easily incorporate itc thinkdrive tools into their teaching and notice the positive effects in their students’ outcomes
-       Staff meetings can be reinvigorated by the use of thinkdrive when school leaders use these resources to plan staff meetings and enjoy feeling the positive energy and enhanced interaction within the staff room
-       itc thinkdrive is a fast, easy and effective way to induct new teachers into a school and demonstrate the school’s pedagogical vision. This platform also gives new teachers professional development support from day one and enables them to quickly talk-the-talk with their colleagues
-       It encourages collaboration with other teachers by sharing easily saved writable templates.
-       It will assist students to become successful learners: With itc thinkdrive, students will quickly learn to build critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills to become successful and lifelong learners.


  • ·         itc Thinking Tools: Teachers and students can now access videos, explanations, worked examples and writable templates of the cognitive and co-operative thinking tools. Makes teaching and learning fun, easy to understand and practical!
  • ·         Engaging Videos: For the first time students have access to short, sharp and compelling videos of itc Thinking Tools that will empower them to think critically and creatively.
  • ·         Students are able to use a Search feature where they type in an assessment or assignment task and thinkdrive will default to the task verb, lead them to an appropriate thinking tool/graphic organiser to help them collect (research) and collate their data and also offers them sentence starters and connectives to help complete their task. This search function will encourage teachers to insert an explicit task verb and train students to address the task verb instead of just the topic


  • ·         A web-based application that can be utilised anywhere, at anytime
  • ·         Accessible on PC, Mac, tablets and iPad devices
  • ·         Seamlessly integrates across all of your digital tools
  • ·         Has an intuitive interface – just log-in and go!
  • ·         Allows your teachers to access all saved materials offline. Teachers can now safely save their writable templates as simple documents on your school’s IT system and even share these resources collaboratively with their colleagues.

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