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Create useful assessments by tailoring them to your particular needs.
CeMeE makes it possible to design and individualise assessment so that every user gains a fully customised experience. 

The team:

Christopher Dann

Christopher Dann leads the creative and technical arm of the 3D performance team. He is a lecturer in Education and research fellow at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Chris has worked as a principal and administrator in state schools for 18 years before moving to the higher education sector.   He has been innovating in assessment since the late 80’s and more recently has specialized in assessment and reporting in educational settings (Higher Ed, TAFE and Schools). While completing a masters degree in Internationalisation of Pre-service Teacher Education, Chris led the work-integrated unit at USC which was responsible for the placement and management of approximately 1000 students each year. In 2009 he led the writing of a four-year undergraduate degree in Pre-service Primary Teacher Education. He holds the exclusive license for an application developed to provide feedback to students on placements from this from the university and has now started a small company to distribute CeMeE (the feedback tool).

Tony Richardson

Tony Richardson has nearly 30 years experience in both secondary and tertiary education, Currently, Tony is working for the Universityof Sunshine Coast's International Projects Group. In addition to this, Tony is completing a Doctorate in Education focusing on a quality teacher.