islPAL - International Society for Leadership in Pedagogy and Learning

Pedagogies and Learning

Conference Ethos

The third International Conference of the International Society for Leadership in Pedagogy and Learning is a collaborative learning community. The expectation is that a group of like-minded people, including all speakers, will meet together and engage in a deep learning process for two days. It is to be an authentic experience. Acknowledging the professionalism of teachers, jargon and approaches that imply that someone needs to tell/show teachers what to do will be avoided. Teachers are experts in their field.

The conference supports the principles of reciprocity, deep learning, and radical transparency. Making meaning, we invite participants to engage in a deep learning experience in an open, honest and authentic way. At this conference, we ask all participants to respectfully contribute to the dialogue, to fearlessly examine and challenge the accepted, to actively listen and explore alternatives in order to illuminate possibilities with all who choose to attend.

Take the risk.....light the fire, gather around, share the light and warmth with friends and leave any fear far behind.