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Book Chapters -  submission date extended to 14 December 2015

Third International Conference on Leadership in Pedagogies and Learning

2015 is the year for authentic conversations and building personal capacity.

The power of building personal capacity – reigniting
your energy, fire and mojo!
Fire – It’s all about the energy!!
Call for Papers
We encourage the presentation of research papers, workshops and
snapshots of pedagogy related to the following areas.
  • EdTech/Digital communication technology
  • Reading, literacy and literature
  • Language, cultural and communication
  • Numeracy and problem-solving
  • Explicit teaching
  • Teacher well being
  • Quality teaching, visible learning
  • Generative learning
  • Deep learning, new learning spaces
  • Capacity building/teacher leadership
  • Dialogic pedagogy
  • Teacher cognition/metacognition
  • Pedagogical change
  • Changing/improving learning environments
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Pre-service teacher education


Call for papers, workshops and snapshots:
Submit your proposal to present a Paper (30 minutes); Workshop (60 minutes); and/or Snapshot of Pedagogy (30 minutes) on the required Proposal Form by 31 JULY 2015. The Form can be downloaded by clicking on "Call for Proposals" on the top right on this page.

When completed, it can be emailed to Shirley O’Neill at or PLEASE NOTE Proposal for Paper, Workshop or Snapshot of Pedagogy as appropriate on the subject line.

Opportunities to publish:
Full papers should be submitted to before or after the conference but no later than Monday 02 November 2015. They will be eligible for double blind peer review and considered for a book publication related to the conference focus. Published by 30 June 2016.

The interactive proposal form is accessed by clicking on "Call for Proposals" on the top right of this page.....

Please email it to 

The deadline for submissions has been extended to 7 September 2015