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Pedagogies and Learning

Literacy, Language, CALD

11 - 12 October 2014
University of Southern Queensland
Springfield Campus

We would like to share with all those interested in the teaching of language, including the current focus on students with English as an added language or dialect, that the recent University of Southern Queensland’s conference at its Springfield campus brought an array of exciting speakers with new, creative and innovative pedagogies. 

The conference promoted the message "Join like-minded individuals with an interest in improving languages education, teaching, researching, making connections and fostering the internationalisation of education. World renowned keynote speakers identified and responded to the major challenges, issues and benefits involved in languages learning today, providing leadership to stimulate policy and pedagogical change.

The new best selling book "Help them learn a language deeply - Francois Tochon's Deep approach to world languages and cultures" came under scrutiny as did the new Queensland Government plan for languages learning - "Global schools - Creating successful global citizens" which is under consultation.

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Photo: Professor Yuangshan Chuang, Tajen University; Dr Ching-Li Lee, Lions Club International, Taiwan: and Assistant Professor Eak Prasad Duwadi, Kathmandu University.