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Pedagogies and Learning

Keynote Workshops

Art Costa

1. Listening with Understanding and Empathy.

Sometimes we say that we are listening when actually we are rehearsing in our head what we will say when our partner is finished. This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about and practice three skills of the skillful listener.

2. Assessing the Quality of Your Classroom Questions.

Teachers ask a lot of questions. This workshop will help us become aware of the questions we are asking and to compose questions deliberately intended to engage and transform the thinking of others. As a result, you will be able to monitor your own and eliminate "unproductive" questions and more skillfully compose questions that include positive presuppositions and that invite complex cognition.


Brendan Spillane

Anatomy of Dialogue - a practical exploration

If good professional dialogue was easy, it would be happening everywhere. Too often, however, important things are left unsaid or the conversation driven underground. Why does this happen? 

This workshop will explore the patterns and archetypal behaviour that we typically experience when we meet as groups of people. It will identify the pre-condition and four core capacities that we must present for meaning to flow in groups. Participants will better understand their own roles in 'allowing' or 'disallowing' dialogue. As a result of this workshop, people should be able to better process, plan for and participate in professional dialogue. The workshop will also have direct implication for people wanting to understand the process of allowing and participating in generative dialogue from a non-professional standpoint.


Denis Goodrum

Inquiry-based Teaching

The Australian Science curriculum encourages an inquiry-based teaching approach. The workshop, using a professional learning resource developed by the Science by Doing program, will clarify what inquiry-based teaching means and provides some practical suggestions of how to effectively implement this approach.


John Bush

Active and Informed Global Citizens


Goal 2 of the Melbourne Declaration states: "All young Australians become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens." This workshop will showcase activities High Resolves has designed to help students think and act as purposeful global citizens. It will also provide a collaborative space to draw conclusions about how to translate such broad goals into reality in schools and classrooms. Come prepared to channel your inner Year 9!


Andrew Churches

Growing Digital Citizens

This is a 1 hour workshop on developing and implementing an ethically based digital citizenship program with the collaboration of the school community and the students.