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Terry Wrigley

Dr Wrigley, University of Edinburgh, is a visiting Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University and editor of the journal Improving Schools.

His teaching, research and writing spans and connects diverse fields of interest: school development, pedagogy, curriculum studies and school justice. He has written two books The Power to Learn (2000) and Schools of Hope (2003). He has worked in education over 30 years, as a secondary school teacher, LEA staff development manager, inspector and university lecturer.

Recent publications:

2012 - Terry Wrigley with P. Thomson and B. Lingard (Eds): Changing Schools: Alternative ways to make a world of difference.

This book considers 'reimaging school change', reporting cases from across the world and considering resources to support change with ideas in and for 21st century practice.

2009 - Academies: the privatisation of education - in D. Kassem &  D. & Garratt (Eds). Exploring key issues in education. (pp. 21-35). London: Continuum.

2009 - Academies: Privatising England's schools - Soundings. Issue 42, Summer, 47-49.


Keynote Abstract

Open architectures of learning: making space for agency and identity

I have been using the expression 'open architectures' to refer to a group of pedagogies which, within a clear structure, give plenty of space for learners to take control, problem solve, present, work together etc.

More broadly, this title will also enable me to concentrate on ways in which schools can be structured and teachers can organise curriculum in the interests of social justice and democratic citizenship, both of which create space for individuality and social development. I will contrast this to features of the neoliberal 'effective teaching' discourse and practices, and include the implications of 'funds of knowledge' (Moll), place-based education (Greg Smith and others), as well as open architectures such as storyline and project method. Obviously I will also be drawing on my recent co-editing Changing Schools (with Bob Lingard and Pat Thomson).