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Lorraine Wilson

Lorraine Wilson taught for many years in Victorian schools. She currently works as an education consultant with much of her consultancy being classroom based, and is well known for her ability to interpret academic theory into sound classroom practice. Lorraine has conducted professional development programs with teachers in all Australian states, Hong Kong, Canada and the United States of America.

Her special expertise is literacy curriculum. She is passionate about the need to relate curriculum to children's lives: for literacy programs which develop children's belief in themselves and their potential, and which excite them to read and write, to hope, to dream.

Lorraine is known internationally for the books she has authored, both for children and teachers. Her best known children's titles are City Kids, Country Kids and Footy Kids. Her most recent academic title, co-authored with David Hornsby is 'Teaching Phonetics in Context', published in Australia by Pearson.

For many years Lorraine has been active in the Australian Literacy Educators Association and is a recipient of the ALEA Medal, and the ALEA Citation of Merit, Garth Boomer Award for her ongoing work throughout Australia in the field of literacy. In July 2011 she was recipient of a Life membership Award of the National Council of Teachers of English, USA.

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Keynote Overview

Working from the Power Within: Empowering Children To Believe In Their Capacities To Learn, and To Make Sense of Their Words.

Lorraine will share some of the philosophical beliefs which inform her teaching. Of utmost significance, are beliefs related to the unique nature of each child, that learning is making sense of the world, that children make their own meanings drawing upon their previous life experiences, that different expressive media have the potential for meaning making, that knowledgeable teachers are the best positioned to plan curriculum for the students they teach, that externally imposed curriculum and testing are not in the best interests of children.