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Kathryn Glasswell 

Dr Glasswell is an international expert in instructional change and collaborations with schools for innovation in literacy instruction. She is a stellar research-practitioner who bridges the complex theory-practice divide in modelling whole school literacy improvement in disadvantaged communities. She has undertaken instructional innovation and school change initiatives in diverse urban communities in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. 

Her current research initiative, Smart Education Partnerships, is significantly accelerating literacy achievement in Logan City schools in Queensland.

Her work can be read in journals such as Reading Research Quarterly, Phi Delta Kappan, Language Arts, and The Reading Teacher.


Keynote Abstract

Navigating Thinking: Innovations in Teaching and Learning for Higher Order Thinking in Reading Comprehension

The ability to strategically, critically and creatively solve problems is key to success in our changing world. In this session, I will describe the progress and outcomes of a school-university research and development partnership aimed at raising student reading achievement in low socio-economic schools. 

With and emphasis on active and engaging high quality teaching. Our Navigating Thinking (NT) schools use a cutting-edge approach to fostering higher order thinking in reading comprehension instruction. This approach develops Y5-Y7 students' abilities, strategic, critical and creative literacy learners, and enhances teacher knowledge and skill. The NT resources and innovation tools constitute a new way of simultaneously developing teacher and student knowledge for high-level engagement with texts of all kinds.

Impressive gains in reading scores on TORCH (ACER) and NAPLAN indicate some significant merit in the NT approach. Schools also report enhanced engagement in addition to increased teacher capacity and confidence for higher order thinking in reading instruction.