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We are pleased to announce the following keynote speakers for our 2012 Conference

The Power of Personal Pedagogy - Working from the wisdom within:-


Ms Lorraine Wilson

Lorraine currently  works as an education consultant with much of her consultancy being classroom based, and is well known for her ability to interpret academic theory into sound classroom practice.

Mr Andrew Churches

Andrew is the Curriculum Manager, Computer Studies & Senior School Learning Innovator at Kristin School, Albany, Auckland. He believes that to prepare our students for the future, we must prepare them for change, teach them to question and think, to adapt and modify, to sift and sort.

Dr Kathryn Glasswell

Dr Glasswell is an international expert in instructional change and collaborations with schools for innovation in literacy instruction. She is a stellar research-practitioner who bridges the complex theory-practice divide in modeling whole school literacy improvement in disadvantaged communities. 

Mr Brendan Spillane

Brendan is currently the Project Leader for the Quality Catholic Schooling (QCS) Project for Catholic Education WA. These projects involve the design and implementation of review and improvement for all Catholic schools in WA and for head office personnel.

Dr Barbra McKenzie

Dr McKenzie is a Senior Lecturer in Language and Literacy in the Faculty of Education at the University of Wollongong, Australia. Her research interests include: Sensemaking Theory in organisations and what that means for teachers and school communities

Professor Terry Wrigley

Professor Wrigley is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh - Moray House School of Education. His teaching, research and writing spans and connects diverse fields of interest: school development, pedagogy, curriculum studies and social justice.

Professor Arthur (Art) Costa

Professor Costa is an Emeritus Professor of Education at California State University, Sacramento, and Co-Director of the Institute for Intelligent Behavior in EL Dorado Hills, California. He established the Art Costa Centre for Thinking to promote and sustain the teaching and practice of the habits of the mind.

Professor Denis Goodrum

Denis is an Emeritus Professor and former Dean of Education of the University of Canberra. He has been involved in many national and international activities in science education. 

Mr John Bush

John is a Director of Learning and Development for High Resolves, a not for profit initiative that assists high school students to develop direction, capability and confidence to succeed in the 21st Century.

Professor Francois Victor Tochon

Dr Tochon is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he headed World Language Education for 6 years.

Professor Timmy Kim

Timmy Kim is Professor of ESL and Applied Linguistics in the English Department at Dongduk Women's University in Seoul. His major interests are in second language acquisition, multimedia-assisted language learning/teaching, and design and development of multimedia English contents.

Professor Mike Chuang

Professor Mike (Yuangshan) Chuang is Professor of English and Director of the Language Centre at Kun Shan University, and Director of NETPAW online English testing in Taiwan. His major interests are in computerised multimodal language assessment and computational linguistics.