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International Conference on Leadership in Pedagogies and Learning     

2010 Conference Overview

The First International Conference on Leadership in Pedagogies and Learning
Pedagogies and Sustainable futures
Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Meaningful Practices

23rd and 24th of September, 2010
 Stuartholme School, Birdwood Terrace, Toowong, Queensland, Australia.

The Conference Committee

A Conference Organising Executive Committee has been established to organise this event. Dr Shirley O'Neill, Mrs Christine Dunbar (e-learning Director, Stuartholme), Dr Jennifer Fisher and Mrs Ruby Peinke are co-ordinating the event.

Stuartholme School

The Society believes in leading by example. It's commitment to its values is expressed through its events and activities. The Society sought a school whose values are in alignment with the values of the Society and whose name has been associated with pedagogical innovation.

Stuartholme's goals which focus on social justice, its international links, and it's association with and commitment to innovative pedagogical practices (The Innovation and Best Practices Report , Cuttence, 2001; The Next Generation Learning Project 2007-2008 AGQTP and subsequent implementation of 1:1 iLearn programme across the school) encouraged the committee to approach the school to host this event.  The Society is grateful to Stuartholme for agreeing to the request.

Stuartholme School is situated in the foothills of Mt Coot-tha, between Brisbane city and the Brisbane Forrest Park. It is 5km from the city centre and commands views over the city and out to the islands of Moreton Bay. Stuartholme School, Birdwood Terrace, TOOWONG.  QLD.  4660.     

2010 Conference Details


  • To gather together teachers and researchers local, interstate and internationally who have an interest in high quality pedagogies and effective learning for safe, sustainable living, life long learning and individual and community well-being.
  • to share ideas for future teaching, learning and research and collaboration.

Proposed themes for 2010

1.   School improvement for 21st century learning -  appreciating diversity, meeting the challenge of cultural change, leading and linking pedagogy with assessment and student success

2.   Pedagogies for literacy and numeracy - explicit teaching, curriculum literacies and addressing national assessment

3.    Language, culture and diversity - acknowledging diversity of learners, listening to student voices and intercultural literacy

4.   Indigenous ways of learning - focusing on the pedagogies that suit Indigenous learners, acknowledging language, culture and context

5.    Virtual communities of learners - examining how people are interacting and learning via the www, learning in a virtual world, connecting globally

6.   Pedagogy for sustainable life practices - learning how to live a sustainable life style, translating sustainability to responsible living, growing responsible citizens, transformative pedagogy

7.   Service learning - Exploring learning through service, achieving mutual benefits, values education, illustrative and story based learning

8.   Transformative power of personal learning - teacher/learner critical reflection, personal pedagogy, teacher/learner co-construction, transformative learning

Keynote Speakers

There are internationally recognised keynote speakers, one for each strand.

Each will make a unique and exciting contribution to the pedagogical and research agenda of teachers, learners and researchers.

Emeritus Professor Frank Crowther will deliver a keynote session on School Capacity Building.

Professor Margaret Moustafa will deliver a keynote on literacy. Professor Moustafa teaches classes in literacy education in California State University (LA) Teacher Credential Preparation program and in CSULA's Reading MA/Reading and Language Arts Specialist Credential program. She is interested in how children learning to read an alphabetic language acquire a letter-sound system. Her 26 publications have contributed to current knowledge in this field.

Father Chris Riley will also deliver a keynote presentation - Strengths-based learning and values pedagogy.

Professor Paula Barrett, Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2008, Founderof Pathways Health and Research Centre, Patron of Pathways to Resilience Charitable Trust will deliver a keynote address - Building resilience and emotional competency- evidence-based practice.

Professor Boni Robertson - Indigenous Policy, Engagement & Partnerships, Office of Provost, Logan Campus, Griffith University will be presenting on Indigenous Ways of Learning

Professor Yuangshan Chuang will be presenting on Multimedia online language assessment, language acquisition problems, learning theory

Dr Yi-Jing Lin will deliver a keynote address on Learning Languages online and digital pedagogies.

Accommodation will be available at the school for those who wish to stay on site.

The following web sites provide you with some information about the tourism in the area and Sydney is only just over an hour by plane. Stuartholme is 35 minutes from Brisbane international airport and 50 minutes to the Gold Coast and within 90 minutes to 2hrs there are several places to visit should you wish to combine a visit with some relaxation.



23rd & 24th SEPTEMBER 2010

Featured Session - Using Educational Data for Decision Making

Dr Smead, a lecturer in Education at the Queensland University of Technology, has specific expertise is in analysing and interpreting educational data, auditing/validating school curriculum and offering strategic advice on curriculum change and direction.  Dr Smead's presentation states that when educational decisions are informed by genuine understanding and ability to scrutinise data, curriculum and school performance issues can be confidently addressed and outcomes effectively measured. She argues that data can be used effectively as an evaluative tool for addressing student and school performance.









Dr Paula Barrett - Childhood and Adolescence Resilience Workshops

Wednesday 22 September 2010



Developmental stage intervention s supporting emotional, cognitive and behavioural wellbeing

Workshop 1 - Morning (8.30 – 12pm)

• Covering Children aged 4 to 11

Workshop 2  Afternoon (1.00 - 4.30pm)

• Covering Youth aged 12 to 17

Registration fee $50.00 for one half day session

Registration fee $40.00 ea per session for both

Note: W=Workshop 60 mins; P=Presentation 30 mins/ S=Snapshot 30 mins

23 September 2010 Day 1

8.30am - 8.45am              Registration  - (Stuartholme School Theatre Foyer)

8.45 am - 9.00am             Welcome

9.00am -  9.45am              Keynote 1: Conference Strand: School Improvement

Emeritus Professor Frank Crowther "The 21st century teacher professional: What to anticipate, what to hope for, what to fear"  Auditorium

9.50 - 10.50am  Individual Sessions 1 - School Improvement

  • IDEAS approach to school improvement (W) - Joan Conway and Shauna Petersen Room J31 1 Hour
  • Science Involves Problem Solving (W) - Dr. Donna Bennett Room S309 1 Hour
  • NAPLAN a tool for the facilitation of learning (P) - Mr Tony Richardson Room S304
  • ‘Concept Management'; Professional Development based on Intentional Decision Making (P) - Mr Tony Richardson Room S304
  • Participatory action research and improving practice (P) - Dr. Jennifer Fisher Room S305
  • School improvement using evidence based data (P) - Dr Judy Smeed Room S306

10.50 - 11.15am                Morning Tea

11.15- 12.00pm                Keynote 2: Conference Strand: School Improvement

Professor Paula Barrett Building Resilience and Emotional competency-evidence based practice Auditorium

12.05 - 1.05pm  Individual Sessions 2 

  • Practical Strategies for Sustainable Learning: A Toolbox of Ideas (W) - Mrs Janet Heffernan, Matt Atkinson Room S309 1 Hour
  • NAPLAN a tool for the facilitation of learning (P) - Mr Tony Richardson Room S304
  • ‘Concept Management'; Professional Development based on Intentional Decision Making (P) - Mr Tony Richardson Room S304
  • Participatory action research and improving practice (P) - Dr. Jennifer Fisher Room S305
  • School improvement using evidence based data (P) - Dr Judy Smeed Room S306
  • Information Literacy and its application to Clinical Decision Making in Nursing (P) - Assoc Prof Cheryl Perrin Room J31
  • Some people make a lifetime career out of defining scientific method, I just use it! (W) - Dr. Donna Bennett Room S307

1.05- 1.30pm     Discussion - Q & A Session - School Improvement

1.30pm - 2.15pm             Lunch

2.15pm - 3.00pm             Keynote 3: Conference Strand Literacy, Numeracy and Science

Professor Margaret Moustafa Literacy and Early Reading Auditorium

3.00 - 4.05pm    Individual Sessions 3

  • Developing a digital pedagogy to enhance literacy in the english classroom (P) - Sophie Johnson Room S309 1 Hour
  • Developing and Assessing Written Texts for middle school aged students (W) - Dr. Shirley O'Neill Room J21
  • Green Head: Applying Community Literacy to Environmental Campaign (S) - Li, Min-lee; Timothy Higgs Room S307
  • Utilising technology to teach skills needed for an uncertain future (P) - Melanie Todd Room S306
  • Just Another Way of Knowing? Innovative Science teaching (S) - Mr Peter Ellerton Room S305
  • Sustaining the future with actions and problems (P)  - Mrs Lesley Sutherland Room S304
  • Integrating Web 2.0 Concepts into the MyET-MyCT Language Learning System (P) - Dr Yi-Jing Lin Room J31

4.05- 4.30pm     Discussion - Q & A Session - Literacy, Numeracy and Science

4.30 - 4.45pm    Conclusion of Day One

6.30pm for 7.00pm             Conference Dinner - TBA

24 September 2010 Day 2

8.30am - 8.45am              Registration  - (Stuartholme School Theatre Foyer)

8.45 am - 9.00am             Welcome

9.00am -  10.00am            Keynote 4: Conference Strand: Ways of Learning/Digital Pedagogies

Professor Mike Chuang - Multimedia online language learning and assessment - Auditorium

Dr Yi-Jing Lin - Learning Languages online and digital pedagogies - Auditorium

10.00 - 11.0am  Individual Sessions 4 - Ways of Learning/Digital Pedagogies

  • Experiencing a digital classroom (W) - Christine Dunbar - eLearning Director at Stuartholme and Mark Christiansen - Heulab Room S309 1 Hour
  • Practical Strategies for Sustainable Learning: A Toolbox of Ideas (W) - Mrs Janet Heffernan, Matt Atkinson Room J31 1 Hour
  • Hands on / Minds on Toolbox for All Intelligences. Focus on Quick Tricks, Tools and Fixes for Learning(W) - Jennifer Riggs Room S307 1 Hour
  • Creating Multimedia Language Courseware Efficiently with SoEzAuthoring and Teaching Languages Interestingly and Interactively with JoinNet (W) - Professor Mike Yuangshan Chuang Room S305
  • An Action Study of Aboriginal Knowledge Service: Tutor Within Youth Neighbourhood (P) - Li, Min-lee; Candy Stone; Huiming Hsieh Room S304

10.55 - 11.30am                Morning Tea

11.30- 12.15pm                Keynote 5: Conference Strand: Ways of Learning/Digital Pedagogies

Professor Boni Robertson Defining an Appropriate Model for Indigenous Participants in Work Integrated Learning - Auditorium

12.15 - 1.15pm  Individual Sessions 5 

  • A Case Study of Asian Learning Circle: Open the Window of Hope (W) - Li, Min-lee; Lee, Eul Soon; Huang, Hui-lun Room J31 1 Hour
  • Pedagogical change - integrating technology in the classroom experience (W) - Jo Walker Room S309 1 Hour
  • A Case for Case: A workshop exploring the use of Case Studies in an on-line context (P) - Michele McGill Room S306
  • Insights into pre-service teachers' views and confidence about teaching literacy (P)  - Deborah Geoghegan and Shirley O’Neill Room S307
  • Project based learning: In pursuit of androgogic effectiveness (P) - Dr Berrington Ntombela Room S304
  • Exploring the tapestry of meaningful practices for sustainable futures (P) - Kaye Cleary Room S305

1.20- 1.40pm     Discussion - Q & A Session - Ways of Learning/Digital Pedagogy

1.40 - 2.10pm    Lunch

2.10 - 3.10 pm   Individual Sessions 6 - Service Learning & Values

  • Learning is for everyone, Learning is transforming, Learning is for Life (W) - Mrs Robyn Hair Room J31 1 Hour
  • A model of service learning in two schools (W) - Mike Hudson and Alison Bray Room S309 1 Hour
  • A Heritage Learning Space - a space for reflection (P)  - Chris Dunbar Meet at Cafe first
  • Developing the Culture: The Magic Worm Farm (S) - Dr Shirley O'Neill Room S304
  • Learning English as a second language and the challenge of pronunciation (P)  - Patricia Mongard-Collette Tyrer Room S305
  • Awakening life smarts and skill in disengaged youth (P) - Gabrielle Austerberry-Geradts Room S306

  • 3.15- 4.00pm     Keynote 6: Conference Strand:  Service Learning

Father Chris Riley Strengths-based learning and values pedagogy - Auditorium

4.00- 4.20pm     Discussion - Q & A Session - Service Learning & Values

4.30 - 4.45pm    Conclusion