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Refund Policy islPAL       

If you cancel your purchase on or before 20 August 2010 a refund will be provided LESS a fee to cover administration costs and transaction/bank fees.  This fee will not exceed $50, and will be significantly less for lower priced transactions.

Refunds will be provided only in the form of the original purchase (ie, if you paid by PayPal, we will refund via PayPal only, and only to the PayPal account (your email) you nominated when purchasing).

No refunds will be issued for cancellations after 20 August 2010, but we will consider later requests where illness or critical family emergency situations arise, considered on a case by case basis by the Conference Organising Committee.  All requests for refund should be emailed to islPAL here. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Please include supporting information for late cancellations.

islPAL, the conference, or the Conference Committee are not responsible for problems beyond their control such as weather conditions or travel problems.  No refunds will be gven in such situations.  Refunds only apply to monies paid for Conference Ticket purchases.