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DATE:                  28 February 2015

COST:                  $80.00

TIME:                   9:00 am to 1:00 pm (morning tea included)

PLACE:               Stuartholme School, Toowong

PRESENTER:      Dr Lindy Abawi


About the workshop

"Assessment for learning is the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there." 
(Assessment Reform Group, 2002)

In creating assessment tasks teachers must consider their suitability for their students and whether a task can adequately assess the knowledge, skills and attributes of each learner. For example, written tasks alone may not cater for visual learners, students with fine motor difficulties, those with English as another Language or Dialect, or those with dyslexia. Oral presentations may not adequately evaluate the ability of students who suffer from anxiety or students with autism etc. So, as teachers, what can we do to differentiate assessment tasks in a way that engages and supports all students to demonstrate their level of learning whilst not making a rod for our own backs as teachers?

This workshop will explore and develop shared practical strategies and examples of how differentiated assessment tasks can be made both rigorous and inclusive. Participants are encouraged to bring a unit of work, assessment task and rubric with which they would like assistance. The intent of this workshop is to meet your needs in a collaborative manner underpinned by well-researched theory and practice.