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Workshop 3

Engaging Teachers in Staff Meetings and your School Wide Pedagogical Framework

Date:  Saturday 27 July 2013

Time:  9:00am start. Morning tea provided

Place:  Stuartholme School, Birdwood Terrace, Toowong

Presenter: Eric Frangenheim

Cost:  $80

A PD Certificate and booklet will be issued on the day.

The Instructional Leader’s classroom is the staff room. Principals, deputies and curriculum leaders who present at staff meetings have an important opportunity to model and promote excellent instructional practice within the context of their school-wide pedagogical framework.

School leaders host meetings that can be classified into 3 groups:
1. Individual meetings e.g. professional reviews
2. Small groups: Head of Department/Head of Faculty meetings
3. Large groups e.g. all-staff meetings/parent evenings

In this workshop, several carefully chosen cognitive and co-operative tools will be explored and practiced.  Employing these tools will enable school leaders to tailor meetings to suit the audience and purpose of each meeting. This will result in:


  • More focused shorter meetings
  • Genuine consultation leading to a greater sense of participation, engagement and ownership for schools.
  • Promoting good pedagogy at every meeting that will more likely be deployed by teachers in their own classrooms.
  • Collaborating in encouraging the most important part of any SWP, the quality of learning in classrooms.

Towards the end of the workshop, delegates will have an opportunity to share how they will enhance their staff meetings as a result of what was shared within this workshop and within the need to promote a SWP Framework


The cognitive and co-operative thinking tools are based on Bloom’s taxonomy of the Cognitive domain. These tools can address the ‘HOW’ of any other pedagogical framework, whether that be ASoT, Five Es, DOL, HOM, Understanding by Design, Explicit Teaching and Direct Instruction.

Eric will also briefly demonstrate ThinkDrive, (the teacher resource produced by ITC Publications). ThinkDrive contains 47 training videos, 52 writable Graphic organisers, over 50 ‘How To’ templates and 104 examples of primary and secondary applications. All teachers, students and their parents can access these thinking tools to support schools in addressing the Critical and Creative Thinking component within the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum. Any school wishing to trial this on-line resource for two months can phone Leanne Howard at ITC Publications on 07-38991541.


Bio:Eric Frangenheim started teaching history in 1970 in Africa, has been a HOD and deputy principal and has taught in Queensland. He is an author, education consultant and is passionate about the use of thinking tools in the classroom. He has presented workshops in eleven countries and is author of Reflections on Classroom Thinking Strategies (10th Ed) and co-author of the innovative teachers’ companions, the largest selling teacher diary in Australia.He regularly teachers in classrooms at both primary and secondary schools demonstrating the success of these thinking tools.