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Workshop 2

The power of a schoolwide pedagogical framework

Date:  Saturday 4 May 2013

Time:  9:00am start. Morning tea provided

Place:  Stuartholme School, Birdwood Terrace, Toowong

Presenters: Dr Lindy Abawi, Dr Joan Conway and Shauna Petersen

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The term schoolwide pedagogy was once rarely heard and yet has now become a part of most discussions around school improvement. But what does it really mean and why is the presence of a schoolwide pedagogical framework important? Some would say that in their school an authoritative schoolwide approach that develops a shared understanding of effective teaching strategies and a language for learning such as Habits of Mind, Bloom's Taxonomies, Marzano's Instructional Strategies, Explicit Teaching or the Productive Pedagogies are schoolwide pedagogical frameworks. What is lacking is the intellectual and social capacity that is built through collective professional sharing and articulation of strongly held beliefs about quality teaching and learning practices and the experience of these, in action and in context. Without a sense of ownership teacher adoption ends up being sporadic at best with some teachers paying only lip service to such imposed quality frameworks. Based on extensive research conducted by the Leadership Research International (LRI) group at the University of Southern Queensland, this interactive workshop will explore stories and strategies related to the development of schoolwide pedagogical understandings based on personal and authoritative pedagogies contextualised by a school community as a whole.


Dr Lindy Abawi is a lecturer within the Faculty of Education at the University of Southern Queensland. She is Course Examiner for a large 1st year Curriculum and Pedagogy education course. Lindy is also a Core Team Member of the Leadership Research International group and has recently been leading a series of workshops, in partnership with Shauna Petersen, in a number of schools within the Darling Downs region. Within these workshops staff work together within their individual contexts to develop a meaningful Schoolwide Pedagogical (SWP) framework whilst also developing teacher leadership skills to ensure that the SWP will have lasting impact on classroom practice.

Dr Joan Conway is a lecturer in school pedagogies and a member of the Leadership Research International (LRI) team at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). As a former secondary school teacher and Head of Department, P-12 curriculum coordinator, and Curriculum and Professional Development Advisor in national and international schools, Joan has extensive knowledge of and appreciation for a schoolwide approach to pedagogy. She coordinates and facilitates the IDEAS process in a number of States across Australia and focuses on the research areas of school leadership and improvement, teacher leadership and professional learning.

Shauna Petersen is a lecturer in literacy education at the University of Southern Queensland and is the leader of a large English Curriculum and Pedagogy course. As a former primary school teacher, Shauna was engaged with facilitating a schoolwide approach to pedagogy at a school in the Bundaberg region. As a researcher and consultant with Leadership Research International, she has recently teamed with Lindy Abawi to help schools in the Darling Downs region to develop an authentic Schoolwide Pedagogy for their context. Shauna has a particular interest in teacher leadership, which is the focus of her PhD research.