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International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning

Vol 9, Issue 3, 2014, December

Summary and Abstracts

Caught between policies and practices: Sudanese migrants' experiences of AMEP in Australia
Anikó Hatoss - University of New South Wales

Quality teaching: Classroom pedagogical alignment, and why teachers teach as they do
Ken Edge - NSW Department of Education and Training
Ruth Reynolds and Mitch O'Toole - University of Newcastle

Evaluating the effectiveness of a fraction definition model to promote abilities of pre-service elementary teachers to solve fraction verbal problems
Sandy Alon - William Paterson University

Using videography to promote pedagogical content knowledge on a geography method's course
Paul Reitano and Wendy Harte - Griffith University

Transforming pedagogy through philosophical inquiry
Rosie Scholl, Kim Nichols and Gilbert Burgh - University of Queensland

Educating for sustainability with design-based learning
Jules Bruck and Anthony Middlebrooks - University of Delaware

Disposition of dislocation? Why do foreign and local students' learning styles differ?
Jinghe Han - University of Western Sydney
James Schurmanns-Stekhoven - Charles Sturt University

Facilitating international education through overseas study programs: An Australian business school perspective
Jean Pierre Feneche - Monash University
Sylvana Fenech - RMIT University
Jacqueline Birt - University of Queensland

On the relationship between self-regulation strategies and mindfulness: A study of Iranian high school EFL students
Mohammad Aliakbari and Marzieh Ghoreyshi - Ilam University

An overview of project Madagascar's trilingual education project development: 2005-2014
Andreas Helwig - University of Southern Queensland
Masinavolana Lalaina Ravoniharimanana - Community and Learning Centre
Manitra J.B. Andrianosoloniaina - Community and Learning Centre

Journal Issue Review - Alexander Lobok's probabilistic dialogic pedagogy
Journal of Russion and East European Psychology, 50(6), 5-114. November-December 2012.
Maria Antonietta Impedovo - Universita degli Studi di Bari

Overcoming the CRISIS - Connecting recovery to learning aspects and self information
Martha Hofler - Friedrich Schiller University



The following item was mentioned at Workshop 3 in 2011:

John Hattie - Teachers make a difference


Articles now available (Free download)

Visit "improving Schools" July 2013 Special Issue "Metaphor, vision and schoolwide pedagogies" at and click on the pdf files of your choice.

See in particular Dr Lindy Abawi's and Mr Mark Oliver's research - Shared pedagogical understandings: Schoolwide inclusion practices supporting learner needs - an exciting read.

Other titles are:

  • School meaning systems: The symbiotic nature of culture and "language-in-use"
  • Activating 'language for learning' through schoolwide pedagogy: The case of MacKillop School
  • Metalanguage: The "teacher talk" of explicit literacy teaching in practice
  • Metaphor: Powerful imagery bringing learning and teaching to life raising the pedagogical bar: Teachers' co-contruction of explicit teaching creating enduring strebght through commitment to schoolwide pedagogy