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Emeritus Professor Frank Crowther AM - Profile

CertT (Kedron Park TC), M Ed (Alberta), PhD (Wisconsin-Madison), FACEA, MACE.      

The 21st century teacher professional: What to anticipate, what to hope for, what to fear.


Emeritus Professor Crowther is widely regarded as one of the world's leading advocates of the teaching profession. In this presentation he paints a very optimistic view of the future of schools, drawing on his research into school capacity-building to show that a new era is dawning for the teaching profession.

Professor Crowther's best selling book Developing teacher leaders (2nd. Edition, Corwin Press, 2009) is rated as “an invaluable guide for every educator who believes in teacher leadership as a crucial step toward making schools a source of instruction and inspiration”. It reports on case study schools, provides insights into the complexity of teacher leadership and the process of capacity-building, and outlines a school development program based on teacher leadership and parallel leadership, besides presenting exercises for systematically developing teacher leaders.

Coming up in 2010 is Professor Crowther ‘s new exciting book with Corwin Press that reports the outcomes for schools that have implemented Innovative Designs for Enhancing the Achievements of Schools (IDEAS) process long term. As the principal architect of IDEAS, he developed the process through a strategic alliance with Education Queensland and other education systems throughout Australia and in Singapore over the past ten years. It has been implemented in over 300 schools throughout Queensland schools and internationally.

His presentations draw upon this research in outlining the role of the 21st century teacher professional: What to anticipate, what to hope for, what to fear, enhancing pedagogy and practice, the importance of student voice, engagement and learning, and leadership and accountability.

Frank regards himself as a lifelong teacher. He is widely regarded as a leading international advocate for the teaching profession. His optimism for the future of the teaching profession is the key feature of his advocacy.

Frank has contributed to education through extensive careers in both Canada and Australia. He spent eighteen years in Alberta, Canada as a teacher, principal, inspector, Associate Director of Curriculum for Alberta and Regional Director for Edmonton and Northern Alberta. On his return from Alberta to Australia in 1986 Frank received the Award of Excellence of the Alberta Teachers Association for services to the educator profession in Alberta. In 1997 the Australian Council for Educational Administration awarded him its Gold Medal for “outstanding leadership in Canada, Australia and the Asian region over a period of three decades in furthering the integrity of the profession of educational leadership”

Frank has won several significant awards for his contributions to the teaching profession in Australia and internationally, including the Exemplary Dissertation Award for the U.S. National Council for Social Studies (1984). He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators (ACE) and Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Administrators (ACEA). In 2001 Frank was awarded a Personal Chair in Education in recognition of his contribution to education at the University of Southern Queensland, and nationally and internationally. In October, 2004, he was recognised by The Bulletin as one of 100 Smart 1 Australians, 2004. In the recent Queen’s Birthdays Honours List, June 2006, Frank was made a member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for his services to education.

Frank is married, with three adult children and two grandchildren. His hobbies include regular fishing trips to the Swaines Reef and trekking. At the age of 63, he successfully trekked to the Everest Base Camp.

Prior to his retirement in 2006, Emeritus Professor Frank Crowther was the Dean of the Faculty of Education ,and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Regional Engagement and Social Justice) at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).