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Dr Yi-Jing Lin - Profile  

Yi-Jing Lin PhD graduated from National Taiwan University in 1987 and got his Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Brown University in 1995. He worked for IBM T.J Watson Research Center in New York, Compeq Manufacturing in Taiwan, and Trend Micro in Taipei and Tokyo. He founded L Labs Inc. in 2002 and served as the CEO since then. He is also the author of one best seller book in Taiwan, and an adjunct assistant professor at National Taipei University of Education. His research focus is on the integration of software technology and language pedagogy.

Recent Publications:

Yi-Jing Lin, Chialin Chang - "A Chinese Language Learning Platform based on Web 2.0 Concepts and Advanced Speech Technologies", Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Internet Chinese Education, Taipei, Taiwan, 2009, pp. 654-659.

Yi-Jing Lin "Why Even a Three-year-old Kid Can Speak English, But I Cannot", Business Weekly Publications, Taipei, Taiwan, 2009.

Link to relevant site:  : The official web site of the MyET-MyCT language learning platform.

On Language-learning Software:

Integrating technology with language pedagogy is the key to effective language-learning software. Technology brings new possibility to language learning. But without a solid foundation of pedagogy, technology itself is not useful.

"I am especially interested in the similarity between the "Web 2.0 Concept" of the Internet and the "Communicative Approach" of language pedagogy. Both emphasize on participation. And both emphasize more on production than on perception. I strongly believe that the integration of "Web 2.0 Concept" and "Communicative Approach" will lead to effective language learning as well as profitable business models"