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IslPal Newsletter May 2012

Conference News

An updated version of the conference program is now available on the website. We have some exciting new presenters hosting workshops and presenting papers on a range of interesting topics. The themes of Dynamic Learning and Meaning Making, Digital Empowerment, Voice Agency and Empathy and Choosing to Change are well supported.

Presentations and workshops of interest:

Dynamic Learning and Meaning Making
Denis Goodrum - Inquiry Based Teaching
Eric Frangenheim - The Why, What and How in Addressing the Australian Curriculum
Gerard Alford - Making Learning Visible Through Cooperative Thinking Tools
Matt Atkinson - What Boots Do You Wear?
Carolyn Cole - Talking Scientifically: Language Skills for Thinking, Talking and Learning About Science

Digital Empowerment
Andrew Churches - Growing Digital Citizens
Keith Kirkwood - Learner Generated Learning: Student Developed Learning Resources
Tamara Sullivan & Drew Semple - Using Microsoft OneNote to Facilitate Asynchronous Collaboration in the Development of Curriculum Material in the Move to the Australian Curriculum

The parallel Linguistics/Language and Cultural Diversity Program has attracted a wide variety of local and international presenters.

Innovative Design for Enhancing Achievement in Schools (IDEAS) will be presenting a comprehensive collection of sessions which will cover school capacity building, literacy and the IDEAS process. More detailed information will be circulated next Tuesday 25th May outlining the workshop and seminar sessions.

Click here to see the full program that is being updated weekly.

Call for Proposals/Abstracts

There is still time for interested educators to submit abstracts before closing on 31st May. Abstracts can now be submitted online at

Join other interesting presenters and enjoy the conference experience!


We have had an enthusiastic response to the call for volunteers to assist with the conference organisation. There are a few places remaining for those people interested in attending the conference at a greatly reduced rate ($70) in exchange for helping with a few small tasks (and hopefully have some fun!!).

Pedagogy at Work

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We are currently uploading new contributions to this publication. The categories include Story Catcher, Teaching Strategies and Resources, PD Materials and Features Articles. Over the coming week you will see new items appear in Volume 1 Issue 2 2012.

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islPAL Conference Executive

Shirley O'Neill, Jennifer Fisher, Christine Dunbar and Ruby Peinke