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islPAL Newsletter - March 2012

We are excited by our outstanding list of conference keynotes and quality abstracts we have received to date. It is not too late to submit an abstract. We encourage students and practitioners to share their knowledge and experience. For your infortmation, Art Costa has agreed to present 2 workshops, and other keynotes have volunteered to host workshops as well. We have also dedicated an extra strand to Innovative Designs for Enhancing Achievement in Schools (IDEAS). Schools will find the most recent cutting edge research conducted by IDEAS extremely informative.

We are encouraging educators to join the forums and express your opinion - it is valued.

We intend to introduce a new service next month which will be linked to our conference logo - the Shared Wisdom Tree. This service will manage materials educators may find useful and is meant to be a quick overview so educators can decide if they wish to investigate the resource further for themselves.

We encourage sharing. We believe all can benefit from the generous contributions of others. This may be as simple as providing a useful link, a short story or recommending a resource.

Thank you for choosing this profession - teachers make a difference.

The Conference

The Power of Personal Pedagogy - Working from the Wisdom Within.                                                                        4th and 5th August 2012. Stuartholme School, Brisbane.

We have finalised our keynote list and are pleased to announce that Art Costa - Habits of Mind has agreed to open  the conference as well as present 2 workshops. 

We have a whole conference strand dedicated to:

 Innovative Designs for Enhancing Achievement in Schools (IDEAS).

Quality pedagogy exemplified: Stories of capacity building and sustainable school improvement

This conference strand consists of a cohesive set of interactive workshops built around authentic school stories. These stories depict a series of individual journeys of self-discovery, reflection, collaboration, collective commitment and supported risk-taking. Together they tell a broader story of school capacity building and sustainability with each school's journey being guided by adherence to 'ways of doing' facilitated by the Innovative Design for Enhancing Achievement in Schools (IDEAS) process of school improvement. Each presentation will focus on a unique pedagogical perspective: the power of articulating personal pedagogy; the enduring strength in commitment to a schoolwide pedagogical framework; the 'teacher talk' of explicit literacy teaching practice; the metaphors that bring learning to life; and the 'metathinking' that synthesises and weaves together the threads of quality learning and teaching practice.

It will be five presentations by Lindy Abawi, Joan Conway, Deborah Geoghegan, Shirley O'Neill and Shauna Petersen.


Presenter Abstacts

We have some very interesting and thought provoking topics being covered by educators from various institutions and schools. Topics range from e-learning and virtual worlds to quality teaching, school improvement and reading, literacy and learning. Abstracts are now being placed on the site.

Among others, abstract titles include:

  • Learner-generated Learning: Student-developed learning resources - Keith Kirkwood
  • Why do we do it this way? - Neil Tucker

Read more about the abstracts here.


We opened the forum last month and so far we've had a good response in attracting new members. Unfortunately, these new members appear to be shy as we've had very little action in the forum. Please feel free to start a topic, ask for advice or talk about something that has worked well for you. It is there for sharing and we recommend that you watch this space over the next few weeks and feel free to join in the conversation.

The free membership offer expires on 30 April 2012 so get in now. Apply here

Useful Links

We have some interesting new links including:

  • Graphic dictionary and visualisation tools

If you have some useful and interesting links in your favourites, please share them with us and we will acknowledge your contribution on our site.

Check out our new links here.

New Services on the way

Our shared knowledge tree will become a link. This service will provide an overview of resources. Categories will include:

Research reference material

Teaching Resources

Professional development resources

Digital resources.

There will be a short summary of selected materials, a recommendation on how/where they can be used. As always, if practitioners have found a particular resource helpful, we would be happy to share it with others on the website.

International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning

For educators interested in publishing their research you may submit a paper to the Society's peer reviewed international journal at

The aim of the journal is to publish high quality research that focuses on the essence of pedagogy and learning and related issues and trends.

Service Learning through the society

Educators – if you know of any pre-service and post-career teachers who would like to be involved in education, please send them this link We wish to invite pre-service teachers and post-career teachers who wish to volunteer to become involved through the society. Similarly, if you are seeking to partner with us in facilitating service learning in your organisation we would like to hear from you. If you need to know about this concept, visit the US National Service Learning Clearinghouse at


Membership will be free until January 2013 for those who subscribe to participate on the forums on the site – just follow the prompts on the website and register to become involved <> This offer expires on 30 April 2012.

Membership will also be offered free of charge to those who register for the conference. <>.