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islPAL Newsletter August 2013

Hello Everyone! This year so far has been extremely busy and professionally rewarding for all involved. Following the three specialist workshops on explicit teaching, schoolwide pedagogy and strategies for engaging in professional conversations, we are pleased to promote two final presentations for this year. These are the islPAL fourth workshop, Working with Data, presented by Ken Turnbull and Michael Elliott on October 19 and , coming up very soon, the Leadership Research International Team's National Forum on Leadership and Pedagogy for Better Schools at the University of Southern Queensland, 16-18 September, places are still available.

Keep an eye out for next month's Pedagogies at Work multimodal magazine issue which will report on how community engagement activities between schools in Taiwan and Australia are fostering language learning. This is our multimodal publication that highlights educators' notable achievements and opportunities to become involved in service learning through the Society.

islPAL Executive

Shirley O'Neill, Jennifer Fisher, Christine Dunbar, Ruby Peinke

Things you can do!

Assembling the puzzle -  What does it mean?

Creating better schools is like solving a complex puzzle - it's about the intricate connections between leadership, vision, and professional learning. But the complexity is enormous - there is no one solution - the interrelationships and the puzzle are different for each context. Furthermore, once you think you've solved it, it changes. 

This Learning Forum is designed to engage you in making sense of the puzzle in your school - What makes it unique? How do the pieces fit together? How can you help your school community develop the capacity to create a better school?

What makes this Learning Forum different?

This is not a conference where you sit and listen - instead you will experience 2 days of learning, interaction, fun and provocation. We want you to leave our Learning Forum with a deep understanding of, and commitment to, school improvement.

Who will be attending?

Teachers, Principals, Middle Level Leaders, Systems Leaders, and anyone who is passionate about leadership, pedagogy and making our schools successful and vibrant places in which students, teachers and communities can learn and grow.

Contact:   Marlene Barron
Administration & Projects Officer, Leadership Research International (LRI)
Faculty of Education, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba Q 4350
Phone:  07 4631 2343   Email:

The Story Catcher

This is an opportunity for educators to share their informal stories of events or moments in their professional lives that offer insights into effective educational leadership, pedagogies and learning. These can be multimodal texts.

Feature Articles

We encourage submissions of more formal articles concerning educational issues that are topical or initiatives that schools are taking.

International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning

For educators interested in publishing their research you may submit a paper to the Society's peer reviewed international journal at
The aim of the journal is to publish high quality research that focuses on the essence of pedagogy and learning and related issues and trends.

Improving Schools journal July 2013 is a special issue that reports on schoolwide pedagogy and improving literacy learning see

Service Learning through the Society

Educators - if you know of any pre-service and post-career teachers who would like to be involved in education, please send them the link. We wish to invite pre-service teachers and post-career teachers who wish to volunteer to become involved through the Society. Similarly, if you are seeking to partner with us in facilitating service learning in your organisation, we would like to hear from you. If you need to know about this concept, visit the US National Service Learning Clearinghouse at